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Vanilla Tutorial - How to Use Vanilla

We get a lot of inquiries on how, and when, to use vanilla beans and vanilla extract. This page is intended to give some tips on when and how to use extract and vanilla beans.

Vanilla Extract: Vanilla Extract is the most popular, and easy way that vanilla can be used. Here are a few tips for when to use extract:

• When baking and cooking, where the vanilla will be exposed to heat for long periods of time. The heat weakens vanilla bean's fruitlike flavor so there isn't much point in using the more expensive bean.
• Extract can be used as an emulsifier in sweet and savory egg batters. In waffle and pancake batters, it helps smooth the mixture.
• When you need vanilla's flavor quickly and don't have time to steep a bean in the recipe's liquid.
• A small amount of extract can be used to cut the acidity in some sauces.
• Do not add vanilla extract to hot liquids as the alcohol evaporates, along with some of the vanilla flavor.

Vanilla Bean: The vanilla bean not only imparts its flavor to dishes, but adds that special visual element of the vanilla specs. Here are a few tips for when to use the vanilla bean:

• In lightly cooked sauces and syrups. By using the vanilla bean, you get all of the flavor elements of the vanilla bean in your cooking.
• When the presentation calls for proof of the vanilla bean. Adding vanilla beans to Crème Brulee is worth the extra expense.
• If you object to the alcohol used in extract but still want vanilla's rich complexity.
• To flavor coffee and other hot drinks. Drop a small piece of the hard, dry bean in with coffee beans before you grind them, or you could use Pure Ground Vanilla, instead.

How to use the Vanilla Bean: To use the vanilla bean the first thing you need to do is split the bean lengthwise, using a paring knife. Then scrape the seeds free from both sides of the bean with the edge of the knife, and add to whatever it is you are cooking. If you are cooking a sauce, add the pod to the mixture as well. When the vanilla has steeped into the sauce, strain the pod out, but DON'T THROW IT AWAY! Rinse the bean and allow it to dry at room temperature. Bury the used, dry vanilla pods in your sugar for a wonderful vanilla flavored sugar

.Splitting Vanilla Bean

Scrapping out the vanilla "caviar" from the inside of the vanilla bean

Slicing the vanilla bean

Scrapping vanilla bean



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