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This year is going to be a tough year. Vanilla prices still have not stabilized and so you will probably see frequent and unexpected price increases. Please bear with us as we work with these increases as the vanilla market stabilizes

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Homemade pure vanilla extract

Many people wonder about how creating their own homemade pure vanilla extract.  What type of vanilla beans make the best extract? What kind of alcohol should be used for the best flavor?  Should you use grade b (in other words, extraction grade) vanilla beans?  How many beans should I use? How much alcohol?  All of these questions are really good.  Knowing the answers can be the difference between a really good homemade vanilla extract, and an insipid, alcohol tasting concoction that isn’t worth the time.
To make a good extract use about 12 vanilla beans per  1/2 pint (8 ounces) of alcohol.  With the vanilla beans and the alcohol in hand, the vanilla beans should be cut into 3 to 4 pieces.  Then place them in a wide mouth jar and cover them completely with the alcohol.  If the beans are not completely covered, mold will grow on them and completely ruin the extract.  Place a lid on the jar.  Place in your cupboard.  Take out once a day and sake vigorously.  In about 2 weeks you will have made a great extract!
Not using the right amount of vanilla beans is the biggest mistake most people make with their homemade vanilla extracts.  The fewer the vanilla beans the weaker the extract, and obviously the reverse is true.  More vanilla beans, stronger extracts. 



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We are starting to introduce our new line of Cutting Boards! Great for both decoration and kitchen use!! Check them out here!! More will be added over the ocming weeks!! Hope you like them as much as we do!!

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