Special Sweet Recipes for Staying Fit

fitness blender workoutsFinding your balance in life is important, and if you practice a physical activity like going to the gym or taking fitness classes, this is even more significant. When you decide to practice a sport, you need to remember that this is a way of living, as your choice will influence different aspects of your life.

Staying fit equals a healthy life, taking premium fitness enhancers such as top muscle or cutting supplements, so if you want to learn how to do this right, you’ll also have to learn what to eat and what to avoid.

You don’t have to go to a nutritionist to teach you what foods you need to eat because there are plenty of recipes that you can access on different sites. Apart from this, you can have a great time learning to cook them at home. Home-made food is better than eating at a restaurant, and it allows you to discover skills that may be hidden in each of you.

Let’s see some foods for fitness and wellness that you can prepare at home, with just a few ingredients and a few minutes spent in the kitchen.

Something Sweet for Gourmands                                                            

If you like sweets, but you’re afraid of the extra calories that chocolate usually has, we have an easy recipe that you can do right in your kitchen. The ingredients are easy to find and simple to use. You will need some pieces of frozen mango, dried dates, cashew nuts, desiccated coconut, a half of lemon zest, one tab of lemon juice, one dessert spoon of melted coconut oil and some vanilla essence or powder.

You don’t need special skills for this recipe, but you will need a blender to mix everything. After 30 seconds in the blender, roll the composition into small balls and cover them with desiccated coconut. It’s very easy to make, and it’s also fun. Once the balls are ready, place them in the freezer and serve when you want something sweet.

Banana and Cacao Muffin Cakes

For those that can’t stay away from chocolate, this recipe is the best healthy alternative. It contains bananas that give you energy, and they can also help you lose weight, or better said, they help you not gain more weight.

You will need one cup of almond meal, one cup of sorghum flour, and three ripe and mashed bananas. You will also need two eggs, one tab of melted coconut oil and some dried dates. Apart from these, you’ll also need one tab of cocoa powder, one tablespoon of vanilla, one of baking powder. Have one dash of apple cider vinegar ready, a pinch of salt for taste and cacao nibs for topping. As you can see, the ingredients are not very sumptuous, but the result will be.

You need to melt the coconut oil and add the vanilla and the eggs in a bowl and mix them well. You can add some fitness blender workout planmore coconut oil and the mashed bananas. In another bowl, you can add all the dry ingredients – the sorghum flour, the almond meal, the salt and the baking powder. It’s now the time to combine the two mixes, stir some, and then split the mixture into two equal parts. In one of the combinations you need to add some cocoa.

For creating the visual effect, you need to add some white mixture at the bottom of the muffin cup and complete it with some dark mixture on top. Once all the muffin cups are finished, you need to add some cacao nibs on all of them and make the body fortress whey protein review ready.

It will take you about 25 minutes to cook the biscuits in an oven that was preheated to 165 degrees Celsius, and once they are ready, you need to let them cool for a few minutes.

These two recipes are easy to do and don’t require your unique skills. However, they are delicious, and they will make your family addicted to healthy sweet recipes.